Pedometer with Automatic Goal Tracking

People tend to set their walking goal too high or too low which leads to frustration.

Pedora helps you achieve the goal by adjusting it based on your trends and style.

Simple & Beautiful

Without all the bells and whistles, Pedora focuses on your walking experiences.

Pedora turns your iPhone into a beautiful step counter that tracks your walking goals automatically.

Widgets & Apple Watch

  • Small-sized widget with single activity or medium-sized widget with all activities.

  • Various Apple Watch complications

  • Independent Apple Watch app to track today's goal progress

Lock Screen Widgets

  • 2 types of lock screen widgets: Rectangular and Circular

  • Select activity (steps, distance, duration, calories, floors, heart rate) to show by tapping each widget while adding widget

Automatic Goal Tracking

You just set the improvement rate and Pedora will increase your walking goals little by little everyday.

Pedora will intelligently adjust your goals as you go using your previous 7 days average.

Maybe now it's spring and you feel like to go out and walk more?

No problem. You can change your improvement rate higher and you're all set!

Pedora will update your walking goals automatically from now on.

Custom Goal Tracking

Or maybe you're facing a plateau and just want to maintain your goals?

No problem. You can change it to custom fixed goals and you're all set!

Pedora will not touch your walking goals from now on.

Track Activity Items

6 Activity items

  • Steps

  • Distance

  • Duration

  • Calories

  • Floors

  • Heart Rate (can be tracked using Apple Watch or other smart bands)

Charts with Trends

7 Period charts with total, average, and trends

  • Day

  • 7 Days

  • Week

  • Weeks

  • Month

  • Year

  • Years

Friendly Walking Competition

Compete for the weekly step counts with friends and loved ones.

Motivate each other and achieve goals together.

Light & Dark Mode

Light, Dark mode or System settings of your iPhone.